Two Brentford Walks

Brentford Walks: Walk A – The River Thames and Old Brentford; Walk B – The Grand Junction Canal and New Brentford, by Diana Willment, Dandelion Publications, 2001, £1 each

Review from Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal 11, 2002

These two leaflets are revised and expanded versions of the walks published in 1993. They each include a map and precise directions for following the route of the walk together with the relevant information on historical events, famous people and the old local industries of the area.

Walk A starts at Kew Bridge and zigzags between the river and either side of the High Street as far as the Beehive pub on the corner of Half Acre. Walk B starts at the Beehive and follows the canal and the River Brent, ending with a detour through the Market Place and the Butts, and returning to the Beehive via the Nowell Parr buildings for the public baths and the library.

The leaflets are attractively presented with clever use of colour to differentiate the walk instructions from the rest of the text, although more names of streets and buildings on the maps would have made them easier to follow.

If you thought that the history of Brentford had been obliterated by modern redevelopment you will be astonished at how many clues are still there waiting to be discovered with the help of these leaflets!

Carolyn Hammond

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