Listed Buildings

Many of Chiswick’s buildings are protected from demolition or unsympathetic alteration by Statutory Listing. There are three grades of listing – Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II. Grade II is the most usual designation and the category most of Chiswick’s listed buildings etc fall into.

Chiswick has three buildings listed Grade I. They are: Chiswick House, Hogarth House, and Walpole House on Chiswick Mall. Many of the garden buildings and statues in Chiswick House are also Grade I listed.

Grade II* is up a notch from Grade II and those in Chiswick designated as such are: nos 110-118 Mawson Row in Chiswick Lane, Strawberry House and Bedford/Eynham houses in Chiswick Mall, Zoffany House at Strand-on-the-Green, St Nicholas Church, St Michael and All Angels Church, the block in Bath Road containing the Tabard Inn, also Voysey House (the factory put up for Sandersons) in Barley Mow Passage. The monument to Sir Percy Harris Bt, MP by Bainbridge Copnall in St Nicholas churchyard is also listed Grade II*.

GRADE II – houses
These are Chiswick’s Grade II listed houses:
Bedford Park: Although 356 houses in Bedford Park itself have been listed, many of these are in the London Borough of Ealing. The listed houses in the London Borough of Hounslow are: Addison Grove, 1-13 (odd), 2-22 (even); Bath Road 1-37, 2-10, 28-62; Fairfax Road 1-7; Priory Avenue, Priory House and nos 1-5, 15-47, 2-48; Priory Gardens 1,2-6 and the Vicarage; Rupert Road 1-11, 2; Woodstock Road 2-24, 34-42, 46-60.

Old Chiswick: In Chiswick Mall: Cedars House, Swan House, Island House, Norfolk House, St John’s House, The Oziers, Morton House, Riverside, Cygnet House, Oak Cottage, Magnolia, Thames Cote, Red Lion House, Belle Vue cottages, Belle Vue, Thames View, Lingard House, the Tides, Orford House, Woodroffe House. In Church Street: No 7 (the old Post Office building), Wistaria, Lamb Cottage, Ferry House, Brampton House, Burlington Corner, the Old Burlington, Vine House, The Vicarage, Latimer House and Holly House. In Page’s Yard: nos 1-3; in Chiswick Square: Boston House and nos 2 and 6, 4 and 4b.

Strand-on-the-Green: nos 1, 2, 3, 10-14, 20-22, 28-29, 44 (Wistaria House), 45 (Picton House), 46 and 47, 49, 50, 52 (River House), 53 (Mucklow House), 53a (Oliver House), 54 (Naylar House), 55 (Clayton House), 56 (Old Ship House), Ship’s Cottage, 61 (Compass House), 64 (Magnolia House), 66-70a, 71.

Turnham Green and surrounding area: in Chiswick High Road: nos 3-21 (this is Williams Terrace), 183 (now Foster’s Books but previously a collecting office for various laundries) and the Presbytery of the Roman Catholic Church. Afton House in Bourne Place is listed as are nos 2, 10-13, 16-26 Heathfield Terrace and Chiswick Town Hall. In Sutton Lane, nos 1 and 3 (Arlington Cottages).

Grove Park: Little Sutton Cottage (old Almshouses); in Grove Park Terrace nos 52-62, 64 & 66, 68 and 70, also nos 80-94. In Harvard Road nos 3-9 which are based on a design by R Norman Shaw).

Stamford Brook: Stamford Brook House in Stamford Brook Avenue and The Brook, Stamford Brook Road.

GRADE II – other buildings
Religious buildings which are listed Grade II are: Our Lady of Grace and St Edward, Christ Church, St Michael Sutton Court, St Mary’s Convent and Nursing Home and the convent of the Comboni Sisters at 2 Chiswick Lane. As well as Voysey House in Barley Mow Passage (listed Grade II*) these commercial premises have been given a listing: the Power House behind 72 Chiswick High Road and some of the Griffin Brewery buildings. Pubs in listed buildings are the George and Devonshire, Crown and Anchor, Old Packhorse, Bull’s Head, the Mawson Arms/Fox and Hounds and the Tabard. The former Chiswick Railway Station building is listed as are the University of London boathouse and the Polytechnic Stadium, both in Hartington Road.

GRADE II – other structures
Listings are given not just to buildings but to smaller structures also, such as bridges, garden walls, railings and tombstones. Barnes Railway Bridge, Strand-on-the-Green and Chiswick Bridge are listed, as are many of the tombs in St Nicholas churchyard and cemetery. The war memorial on Turnham Green is listed, so are eight lampposts at Strand-on-the-Green, the telephone kiosks outside St Michael and All Angels and those at the junction of Chiswick High Road and Town Hall Avenue.

Several Chiswick houses have plaques to commemorate the people who lived in them. There are English Heritage Blue Plaques on houses lived in by the following people: E M Forster (Arlington Park Mansions), Frederick Hitch (62 Cranbrook Road), Lucien Pissarro (The Brook, Stamford Brook), Alexander Pope (Mawson Row, Chiswick Lane), Johann Zoffany (Zoffany House Strand-on-the-Green), Jack Beresford (19 Grove Park Gardens); John Lindley (Bedford House, South Parade) and Joseph Michael Gandy (58 Grove Park Terrace).

There are Bedford Park Society Green Plaques on the houses lived in by Alec Dickson (19 Blenheim Road), Tom Greeves (12 Newton Grove) and the Yeats family (3 Blenheim Road).

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