The History Of The Great West Road: its social and economic influence on the surrounding area

by James Marshall

Published by Hounslow Leisure Services 1995, 112 pages, paperback, ISBN 1899144250, £7.50.

James Marshall is another of Hounslow’s Local Studies librarians. He has set himself an ambitious task which is summarised in the long sub-title to this book. His careful research and thoughtful analysis is exemplary – and very readable. The circumstances which led to the construction of the A4, one of the first major arterial roads out of London, the arrival of modern manufacturers using electric power and their 1930s heyday, the reasons for its post War decline and rebuilding during the last decade are all considered.

Every local councillor ought to read this thorough analysis of the backbone of the borough. Every Great West Road business manager ought to understand something of the place where s/he is now working. This is also the stuff of school and university projects, an ideal leaving or retirement present for local organisations and an exemplary piece of history from someone who clearly knows his stuff!

Brentford and Chiswick Local History Journal No 5, (1996)

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