The History of Hounslow Manor and the Bulstrode Family

by Gillian Morris (paperback £1.50p, hardback £2)

Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal 1 (1980)

This book, published by the Hounslow and District History Society, was financed by the Gillian Morris Memorial Fund to which many members of this Society contributed. It is intended as a permanent memorial to Gillian’s work for local history in South West Middlesex. Money from the sale of the book will be put into the memorial fund and will be used to finance the publication of further of Gillian’s research notes.

The book contains sixty four pages and seven illustrations and traces the history of the site of Hounslow Manor from the founding of the Priory of Holy Trinity in 1214 to the building of the present Holy Trinity Church in 1963. It also records the history of the various families who owned and lived in the manor house, including the last owners, the Bulstrode family. The text is Gillian’s original research and is the most comprehensive history to date of Hounslow Manor and the Hounslow branch of the Bulstrode family.

Andrea Cameron

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