Stamford Brook: An Affectionate Portrait

by Reginald Coleman and Shirley Seaton

published by Stamford Brook Publications, revised edition

1997 68 pages, paperback, ISBN 0 7524 0627 2, £9.95

This revised edition of Stamford Brook: an affectionate portrait underlines the fact that historical research is never quite ‘finished’. The first edition was a fascinating account of a small patch of London, combining Reginald Coleman’s reminiscences with Shirley Seaton’s research, but it has been hugely improved, in content and in production. Indeed, Shirley Seaton’s new introduction comments upon the typeface, now ‘upgraded from PCW to PC’, which is better looking and easier to read. Her determined picture research and the addition of some colour printing have brought in numerous images by the Pissarros, making this publication very attractive. This slim volume is packed with illustrations and lots of fascinating information, a fine scrap book of Stamford Brook history.

Brentford and Chiswick Local History Journal 7 (1998)

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