Positively Brentford, A Pictorial History of Brentford FC 1896-1996

by Dan Jackson published by Dan Jackson/Polar Print 1997
240 pages hardback, ISBN 1 899538 02 X, £22.95

Review by Val Bott

This is a lively collection of images of Brentford’s Football Club, lovingly compiled by Dan Jackson, who began supporting the team as a child when taken to matches by his father. There is already a history of the club which marked the centenary of its foundation in 1889. This book does not set out to repeat that history but provides a scrapbook of images, personal accounts and newscuttings which record the people and events associated with the club.

In a recent talk to the Society the author described his struggle to assemble the material for the book. It was worth the effort for in future years this book will ensure that a pictorial record of the Club’s life survives. It is especially a book for Bees fans but includes snippets of local history for the general reader, such as the Club’s sponsorship of a bed in the local hospital!

Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal 6 (1997)

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