Chiswick Past

by Gillian Clegg

Published by Historical Publications Ltd 19957140 pages, hardback, ISBN 0 948667 33 8, £13.95

Apart from volume 7 of the Victoria County History of Middlesex, which appeared in the 1970s, Chiswick hasn’t had a good local history since Warwick Draper’s Chiswick was published in the 1920s. Already the author of an excellent little introduction to the archaeology of L B Hounslow, Gill Clegg has done Chiswick proud. She covers the story of Chiswick through time, from the earliest people to today’s residents, and looks at a variety of local topics such as the Civil War, grand houses, the Royal Horticultural Society and suburban development.

With an excellent mixture of carefully chosen prints, photos, maps and printed scraps of all kinds it provides good background information on every aspect of the area’s history in an extremely attractive and readable form.

Brentford and Chiswick Local History Journal No 5, (1996)

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