Journal 18 (2009)

Chiswick’s tank
The story of the WW1 tank awarded to Chiswick in recognition of their fund raising for the war effort.The author is Historian at the Tank Museum.
David Fletcher

The Duke of Devonshire’s menagerie
The 6th Duke of Devonshire kept exotic birds and animals at Chiswick House, including kangaroos, emus, an elephant and a giraffe. The author is a former editor of this Journal.
Gillian Clegg

The Brentford Monument
The tale of Brentford Monument, first erected on Ferry Wharf in 1909, moved twice and now on the High Street. In retirement the author has undertaken a great deal of Brentford’s history research and her book on Brentford Dock and Railway is reviewed in this issue.
Diana Willment

Some Bedford Park myths and misunderstandings
The author examines and corrects some of the mis-statements about Bedford Park’s origins and layout. Dr Budworth’s detailed knowledge of Bedford Park make him the perfect person to compile this article.
D W Budworth

Some nursery gardeners of Strand on the Green
The story of three gardening families, the Masters, the Parkers and the Woodmans. The author has been studying the nursery gardening families of what is now West London since 2006 and runs where she share their stories.
Val Bott

Christopher Clitherow
The author taught in Brentford schools for over 40 years. He died in 2008 and is remembered in the piece listed below.
David Shavreen

David Shavreen 1921-2008
Remembering a Brentford historian

Thomas Harriott: the First Man to Map the Moon
A note on the 400th anniversary of Harriott’s achievement by the Editor, Carolyn Hammond

Col Clitherow’s Box and the Brentford UDC Smoke Book
Carolyn Hammond describes two new acquisitions for the Chiswick Local Studies Collection

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