Journal 16 (2007)

Chiswick House – a Masonic Temple?
by Ricky Pound
The author argues his case for the decoration of Lord Burlington’s villa offering a progress through Freemasonry

E C Jones & Son – Brentford boatbuilder
by Pam Vernon-Roberts
The history of a major Brentford boat-builder by the great grand-daughter of the firm’s founder

Just like the blitz – the first West London tornado
by John Rogers
An astonishing story, including an eye witness account from the writer, of the 1954 tornado

Brentford & Chiswick trade tokens
by Gillian Clegg and Carolyn Hammond
An illustrated description of the trade tokens issued by Brentford and Chiswick businesses in the 17th century

Joseph Michael Gandy
by Howard Spencer
Gandy’s life and work summarised on he occasion of the unveiling of his Blue Plaque in Grove Park Terrace

Field Marshall Lord Montgomery
by William P Roe
Montgomery’s Chiswick connections from his boyhood to the naming of a block of flats in his memory

A glimpse of Gunnersbury in 1816
by Paul Fitzmaurice
An account of a cricket match at Gunnersbury by John Quincy Adams

The bargemen of Brentford
by David Blomfield
The story of seven river families revealed by the author’s PhD research

Dukes Meadows: the threats to its rural survival
by Gillian Clegg
Some early 20th century proposals for the use of this open riverside land – an Edwardian suburb, a gasworks and a power station as well as parkland for local people to enjoy

William Samuel Sargeant
Photographs sent by his descendants showing the family car in 1909 and the tidal grid for boat repair at Strand on the Green
by Gillian Clegg

The Mary Gordon
A charity has received lottery money to restore one of W S Sargeant’s vessels

Recent local digs
by Gillian Clegg
A short report on excavations at Kew Bridge and Chiswick House

Peter Bailey 1963-2006
by Val Bott
A short tribute to a great enthusiast for local history

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