Journal 15 (2006)

The Battle of Brentford 1642
by Simon Marsh
How the Royalists defeated the Parliamentary forces in Brentford and sacked the town. The Battle of Turnham Green on the following day is described in Journal 14

The Campaign to Save Hogarth’s House
by Val Bott
The literary and artistic people who campaigned in 1901 to save Hogarth’s House from demolition, and their social and cultural networks

Crime in Brentford
by Neil Chippendale
Murder and mayhem in Georgian Brentford from the Old Bailey On-line records

Manorial Records of New Brentford
by David Shavreen
Stories from the Minute Book of the Manorial Court.
See also articles in Journals 6 and 7, Boston Manor guide book.

Harold Piffard of Bedford Park, Artist and Aviator Extraordinaire
by Colin Manton
An accomplished local artist and early aviator who built his own plane

A Century of St Faith’s
by Janet McNamara
The story of a Brentford church built as the town expanded northwards

The Battle of Bedford Park High School
by D W Budworth
How a headmistress attempted to deprive the liquidators of the lease and set up her own school

Fox’s ‘Extraordinarily Fine’ Chiswick Garden
by Sally Jeffery
The layout and exotic planting in Sir Stephen Fox’s 17th century garden next door to Chiswick House.
See also articles in Journals 6, 9 and 16

Brentford High Street Project
by Celia Cotton
A very useful website on family and local history in Brentford High Street

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