Journal 13 (2004)

The Birth of Brentford Library
by Carolyn Hammond
How Fred Turner set up the library service in Brentford.

Hogarth, Griffiths and their Chiswick Friends
by Val Bott and James Wisdom
Describes a wide network of people with local connections around William Hogarth and Ralph Griffiths

The Lamb Brewery
by Stephen Hine
Sich & Co’s Lamb Brewery and some of their pubs from the late 18th to the early 20th century.

The Brentford Boatman’s Institute
by Gillian Clegg
The history and activities of the Boatmen’s Institute built for the canal boat people
on the centenary of its opening.

Homes Fit for Heroes: the Development of the Clayponds Estate, Brentford
by Nick Pratt
A description of the housing crisis at the end of the First World War and how this
Brentford estate reflects the ideas of the housing reformers of the time.

The 1897 Engineers’ Strike in Chiswick
by John Grigg
Based on reports in the local newspapers, this article records events during the strike by
engineers at Thornycrofts’ shipyard at Church Wharf.

John Rocque:  a revolutionary map-maker
by Rodney Walshaw
The life and work of this important 18th century map-maker and his depiction of Chiswick.

A “new” picture of Brentford
by Carolyn Hammond
A short description of an 1840 painting donated to Chiswick Local Studies Collection

A box of (Good) Deeds
by Janet McNamara & James Wisdom
A bookseller’s generous donation of a batch of records about the Kates family of Brentford to Chiswick Local Studies Library

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