Journal 12 (2003)

The Centenary of Kew Bridge
by Gillian Clegg
The building of the third Kew Bridge in 1903 and a report of the celebrations at its opening.

Chiswick’s Unsung Hero – Sir Charles Tilson Bright
by Jane Watson
The life and achievements of the man who laid the first telegraph cable across the
Atlantic and how his grave was discovered in St Nicholas churchyard.

The Chiswick V2
by Tony Simpson and Victor Moore
Men who were there as schoolboys recount their experiences when the first V2 of World War Two fell in
Chiswick in September 1944.

Number 80 Brentford High Street
by Janet MacNamara
The story of one of the few remaining 18th century buildings in the town and its occupants.

The Glebe Estate
by Gillian Clegg
The development of the estate built on glebe land in Chiswick in the 1870s.

Parish Boundary Stones in Brentford and Chiswick
by Colin Woodward
On the importance of the boundaries between parishes and how they were marked, with a
checklist of surviving boundary markers.

Joseph Paxton in Chiswick
by Kate Colquhoun
The designer of the Crystal Palace at the start of his career at the Horticultural Society
garden in Chiswick.

John Tofts White 1917-2002
Remembering the Hounslow Reference Librarian and expert on Hounslow swords

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