Journal 29 (2020), £6.00

Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal 29
A4, 28 pages Price £6.00

A new range of articles, whose authors are all B&CLHS members. An auction catalogue of 1842 makes it possibe to explore the rooms of Grove House in Chiswick, which had a ‘Colossal statue of George IV’, while the stories behind Clifden House and New Grove House and their Brentford residents are revealed. Two pieces describe the land where Brentford and Chiswick meet – an account of the new Brentford Market, and a study of the hamlet of London Stile. A detailed history of Chiswick’s Glebe estate shows how that development became the place we know today. And two remarkable, independent women are commemorated: Mizpah Gilbert, appointed as Chiswick’s second librarian in 1920, and Shirley Seaton, author of a book on Stamford Brook, who died recently.

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