Chiswick’s Three Great Houses, 24 October 2018

Wednesday 24 October 2018,  7.30pm, admission free, in the church hall of St Joseph’s, Bolton Road, Chiswick W4 3TE

Local residents’ association, The Grove Park Group, has invited the Society’s Chairman, James Wisdom, to give a talk for its members and for interested residents.

Three great houses shaped the Grove Park area – Chiswick House, Grove House and Sutton Court Manor House – of which only the first remains. However, their history can be traced and the old lanes, field boundaries and estate walls can still be found as this illustrated talk will show.

A Victory to Remember: the Trico Folberth Equal Pay Strike, 15 October 2018

7.30pm, Monday 15 October 2018,
at the Chiswick Memorial Club,
Bourne Place, London W4 2EL

An illustrated talk by Sally Groves, co-author of a new book on this 21-week strike in 1976. Sally was one of 400 women striking to win equal pay with their male counterparts. Trico-Folberth, an American multinational producer of windscreen wipers on the Great West Road, used picket-busting lorries and scab labour against them. The book includes contemporary images and memories of those who took part and it will be on sale at the meeting.

Remembering the Chiswick V2, 8 September 2018

We have placed a small wreath of bright seasonal flowers at the V2 memorial in Staveley Road, Chiswick. We have done this every year since the memorial, a joint project of the Society with the Battlefields Trust, was unveiled in 2004, at the actual time of its devastatingly destructive landing – 18.44.