William Hogarth’s “Hudibras” engravings

Brentford and Chiswick Local History Journal 7 (1998)

To celebrate the tercentenary of Hogarth’s birth the London Borough of Hounslow has produced a hand-printed limited edition of the engravings that Hogarth originally made for an edition of Samuel Butler’s Hudibras, published in 1726.

But this is no ordinary reprint; Hogarth’s House is fortunate enough to own twelve of the very few surviving copper printing plates engraved by Hogarth himself. A printer with a suitable printing press has now produced a set of engravings from Hogarth’s own printing plates, by the technique that would have been used in Hogarth’s day – the next best thing to a genuine, original Hogarth print!

A set of the engravings has been purchased for the Local Studies Department and sets can be ordered from Chiswick Library or from Hogarth’s House for £175.

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