Bridget Goshawk

A note from Ann Balfour Paul, Curator, Gunnersbury Park Museum

Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal 3 (1982)

Miss Bridget Goshawk, AMA, passed away on 1st November 1982, in her mother’s home in Abthorpe, Northants, after suffering from Parkinson’s disease for several years. She was Curator of Gunnersbury Park Museum from 1967 until her early retirement in 1978, and she lived in Kew.

Miss Goshawk had particularly high professional standards and these have left a mark on the way she worked and cared for the collections at Gunnersbury. Gradually during the 1970s, the Museum’s meagre funds were increased; expert conservation was arranged on such items as the transport collection, a Purchase fund for new exhibits was established, and the Museum’s facilities and services to the public were generally developed.

In her youth Miss Goshawk, who first trained at Northampton Museum, had tremendous energy and it must have been frustrating to lose this through the effects of her illness. Her particular interests were in costume and the arts.

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