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Remembering the Chiswick V2, 8 September 2018

We have placed a small wreath of bright seasonal flowers at the V2 memorial in Staveley Road, Chiswick. We have done this every year since the memorial, a joint project of the Society with the Battlefields Trust, was unveiled in 2004, at the actual time of its devastatingly destructive landing – 18.44.

Remembering the Chiswick V2, 8 Sept 2014

Every September since 2004 the Society has quietly laid flowers at the V2 memorial in Staveley Road. On the 60th anniversary of the first V2 landing in Britain in that year, we worked with members of the Battlefields Trust’s London branch to create a memorial to those who died in Chiswick on that occasion. As […]

V2 Memorial 2012

The Society has placed a wreath of late summer flowers at the granite memorial in Staveley Road. This marks the anniversary of the Chiswick V2 on 8 September 1944 in which three local people died

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