Missing monuments – St Lawrence’s, Brentford

By Gillian Clegg

Brentford and Chiswick Local History Journal No 14 (2005)

St Lawrence’s church, Brentford, closed in 1961, was sold last year (purchaser unknown). The whereabouts of the splendid memorials the church once contained has been exercising the minds of some members of the Local History Society but various attempts to locate them have met with no success. However, we are happy to report that two sections of one memorial have turned up, quite by chance, in the last 12 months. One part was dis­covered set in a garden wall in north London and another in Sydney, Australia, of all places! We know some memorials went to the Museum of London but there are many more that are not accounted for, including a stone to William Howell Ewin designed by John Flaxman and an alcove memorial showing the figures of John Middleton and his wife dated 1624. If anyone can throw any light as to where these and other mem­orials from St Lawrence are today the editor of this Journal would be delighted to know.

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