Journal 14 (2005)

Commemorating the First V2
by James Wisdom and Val Bott
How a major World War II event was eventually commemorated in 2004

Obituary of Mary King
by Carolyn Hammond
In praise of the former Secretary of this society.

The Tukes’ Asylum in Chiswick
by Pamela Bater
Caring for well-to-do mentally ill people in Chiswick in the early 20th century

Royal Brewery, Brentford
by Neil Chippendale
The History of the Brewery that was re-named by a king

The Battle of Turnham Green, 1642
by Stephen Porter
How the Parliamentary forces in the English Civil War stopped the Royalists
marching on London and affected the course of democracy in the country.
See Journal 15 for the Royalist victory on the previous day

Alice Woods: Bedford Park and Co-education
by D W Budworth
Recognition of an early advocate of co-education

Bedford Park and the Lindley Connection
by Kathryn Bridge
The letters of Dr John Lindley’s daughter reveal glimpses of life in Bedford Park in
the mid 19th century. See also Henry & Self: The Private Life of Sarah Crease
1826 – 1922 by Kathryn Bridge

Barkers Rails and the University Boat Race
by Peter Hammond
Locating the site of the Boat Race winning post

Local Paintings by Lucien and Ludovic-Rodo Pissarro
by Shirley Seaton
Early 20th century depictions of Chiswick.   See also article in Journal 6

The Rothschild School at Brentford
by David Shavreen
The history of the successful British School established in 1834

Missing Monuments – St Lawrence’s Church, Brentford

William Sharpe’s grave located

Lions on Chiswick House gates

Blue Plaques in Chiswick

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