Current Programme Spring 2020

Monday 20 January 2020, 7.30pm
Boston Manor House: old records, new stories
An illustrated talk by Steph Hagan, researcher for the Boston Manor House restoration project, on the records that reveal previously unknown stories behind the origins, owners and evolution of Boston Manor House

Monday 17 February, 7.30pm
The Mulberry Garden Project at Hogarth’s House
A presentation and discussion with John Collins, Heritage Manager, and Elizabeth Kopplin, Learning & Engagement Officer, about the new learning studio and the re-designed garden, and the preparations for re-opening later in 2020

Monday 16 March, 7.30pm
The Hidden Horticulturists
Fiona Davison, Head of RHS Libraries & Exhibitions, and author of the book of the same title, presents an illustrated account of her research into the young men who trained at the Horticultural Society’s Chiswick garden grounds in the 1820s

Monday 20 April, 7.30pm
How Brentford got its Bypass: 1901-1914
Brentford didn’t want it but powerful motoring lobbyists did. Tracey Logan reveals her PhD research which shows how locals lost the fight for their High Street against London’s visionary road planners, and the Great West Road was born

Monday 18 May, 7.30pm
Annual General Meeting
After the business meeting Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal 29 will be available; copies will be posted to those unable to attend. Following the business meeting there will be short talks by members on recent research

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