The Archaeology of Brentford Waterside: webinar 29 July 2021

This is an event put on by MOLA (originally the Museum of London’s archaeological unit). We’ve been waiting some time for a chance to find out what has been happening across the huge development site, so this is very exciting!

They write that “the archaeological excavations at Brentford Waterside are enriching the story of this landscape between river and road. Join us at this free webinar from 6-7pm on 29 July to see footage from the site and meet the team behind the dig”.

Sign up here and they will send you the link to the event. For those who are not familiar with online events, you simply enter the link into your web browser on the evening of the event and you will be admitted at the advertised time.

If you are unable to join the webinar but want some information about the excavations visit their website here 

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