Pleasure Gardens & Pineapple Stoves, Val Bott, 22 April 2021

Pleasure Gardens & Pineapple Stoves: Gardeners at Chiswick House 1700-1850, Thursday 22 April at 6.30pm

This online talk by Val Bott is being promoted by the Chiswick House & Gardens Trust. To book a place please visit their website – tickets are free but the Trust welcomes donations when you book your place.

The talk will introduce you to the people who cared for the gardens at Chiswick House. Without them there would have been no fruit or vegetables for the household, no cutting flowers to grace the parlour and, above all, no-one to realise the proposals of Burlington, Kent and others. Such horticultural expertise gave landowners high status, but by the mid 19th century some of the gardeners had high reputations and status of their own.

Boston Manor Park – layers of landscape, David Stockdale, 19 April 2021

Detail from Rocque’s map, 1746

This online talk takes place at 7.30pm on Monday 19 April 2021.

Hounslow Council’s Head of Culture, David Stockdale, will talk about interpreting the history of the estate. Major restoration works are being implemented there with substantial grants for both the Park and the House from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Planning these has been informed by new historical research.

To book a place please email

Your details will be added to the list of participants and the Zoom link will be emailed to you the day before the event. We have 100 places available, so if your plans change and you won’t be attending, please let us know beforehand. Then, if we have a waiting list, we can re-allocate your place.


William De Morgan tiles in Bedford Park, Sarah Hardy, 13 April 2021

William de Morgan arts and crafts tiles in Bedford Park, 7:30pm

This is not a B&CLHS event but one which we feel sure our members would enjoy! Book a place at £5 via Ticketsource here

The Bedford Park Society is promoting this online talk by Sarah Hardy, the De Morgan Foundation’s Curator-Manager. She will explore William De Morgan’s life and career as well as the Arts and Crafts tiles he designed for Bedford Park.De Morgan was the premier ceramic designer of the Arts and Crafts movement. He began his artistic career at the Royal Academy, before meeting William Morris and embarking on design, first with stained glass and then ceramics. One of his earliest commissions was from architect Richard Norman Shaw for Bedford Park, and his tiles can still be found in houses and the Tabard pub today.

The talk including questions will last an hour.

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