Journal 17 (2008) £5.00

Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal 12
A4, 28 pages Price £5.00

  • Some Brentford nursery gardeners by Val Bott.
    Three 18th century gardening families with strong Brentford connections: the Greenings, the Swindens and the Ronalds
  • Sutton Court, the Earl of Burlington and Chiswick House Grounds by James Wisdom
    History of the Manor of Sutton Court and how Lord Burlington bought it to enlarge his Chiswick House estates.
  • ‘The greatest thoroughfare in the Kingdom’: the story of the Brentford Turnpike 1717-1824 by Rodney Walshaw
    How the Brentford Turnpike Trust endeavoured to maintain the main road from Kensington through our area.
  • The Parish of Our Lady of Grace and St Edward, Chiswick by Gilbert Hughes
    A brief history of the parish and its buildings, giving a flavour of its part in the local community since its foundation in 1848.
  • Crime and punishment in Chiswick by Gillian Clegg
    Some intriguing glimpses of proceedings at the Old Bailey affecting Chiswick people between 1674 and 1834
  • Brentford United: the work of the Brentford Local Board 1874-1894 by David Shavreen
    How living conditions improved after the formation of the Local Board for the Brentford Urban Sanitary District.

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