An American President in Ealing

John Quincy Adams7.30pm, Monday 19 October 2015, at the Chiswick Memorial Club, Bourne Place, London W4

Paul Fitzmaurice, of the Little Ealing History Group, will describe the evolution of a fascinating book which will be on sale at the meeting. During 1815 to 1817 John Quincy Adams and his family lived in Little Ealing. In his diaries he recorded their life in Brentford, Gunnersbury and Ealing. The research has enabled the Group to describe the people and places he mentioned, providing a glimpse of local social life at that time.

St Anne’s, Kew, 1714-2014

St Anne's photo21 Sept 2015, 7.30pm, at the Chiswick Memorial Club, Bourne Place, London W4

an illustrated talk by David Blomfield, President of Richmond Local History Society and author of the tercentenary history of the church. He will describe the construction and expansion of the building as well the people and events that shaped its history.

Copies of this attractive book will be available at £10 each at the lecture.

Brentford Local History Day, 11am – 4pm, 6 June 2015

Hounslow’s Local Studies team, working with the Hounslow Heritage Guides and our Society, are putting on another Local History Day. Originally advertised at Brentford Library, a building repair problem means that it has been relocated to Boston Manor House, about 15 minutes’ walk north of the Library.

The day includes family and local history stalls, displays and publications for sale in this fabulously decorative setting.There’s a cafe near the walled garden, fantastic playgrounds and the park is handsome – its a great free day!

Join us for talks:
11.30 Waterways in Brentford
12.15 Making a living from the river
3.00 The opening of the Great West Road

and a guided walk on the Great West Road and the Canal, 1.30 to 2.30.